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January 14, 2018
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Book of Samuel 3-3b-10, 19; Saint Paul to the Corinthians 6:13c-15a, 17-20; John 1:35-42

From Father Jerry’s homily today:
The readings today invite us to discover our heart’s desire. Rather than listening to the many voices which support our fears and desires we need to remember that God is in the business to listen and to speak to us.

So we ask ourselves: Can we hear God’s Word over all the other societal messages? Can we hear and how do we respond?

During the next week, make a list of ten words used in our society today that have a hold on you. Here is one: SALE. Others might be: terrorist, taxes, sexy. God’s Word in scripture challenges us to reflect on the Word and discern God’s important message to us.

In today’s Gospel we are reminded of the question of “who are you looking for”? In Andrew’s case, it was Christ, the Messiah whom Andrew had found in Jesus and invited Simon Peter, his brother, to know and follow. When we come to Jesus in prayer, through the Eucharist that is the question we should ask ourselves: Who am I looking for?